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Living Wakes

Living Wakes, from $1000

Living wakes, also known as living funerals, pre-funerals or end-of-life celebrations, are ceremonies held for (and often by) someone who’s still alive but nearing their end-of-life due to illness.

A living wake is powerful ceremony that offers an opportunity to heal, find peace and create the closure needed to say a final farewell to loved ones – on your terms.

When living with a terminal illness there’s often an army of strong soldiers rallying behind you to get you through each day. The ups, the downs, the falls and stumbles. The lessons life teaches everyone on a journey with terminal illness often bring about wisdom you never knew you had, and for many people with a terminal illness, this wisdom is about acceptance of ‘what is’. Which is why living wakes are an opportunity to rally these troops, share stories, laugh, cry and reminisce about what has been and what is.

At Rite of Passage Funerals we believe everyone has the right to say farewell in their own unique way, which is why we offer Living Wakes to those looking for this type of service.

We can help plan and execute your living wake in the same bespoke style we curate all our funeral services – brimming with love, intention, meaning and ritual, no matter how big or small the ceremony.

If you’re coming to your end-of-life and want to be actively involved (and present!) at your own funeral, we will happily help you plan your service.