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Meet Yasemin Trollope…

Hi, I’m Yasemin Trollope and I started Rite of Passage Funerals.

Here’s why…

In the book The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, he asks ‘are you going to wait until that last moment to let death be your teacher’?

It’s a valid question. Our society is based on death denial; believing that ‘it’s not going to happen to us’ and in turn leaving a stream of unconsciousness and a tidal wave of devastation when the inevitable does occur. It is in these moments of extreme pain and grief that death becomes the teacher Michael talks of.

But why wait until then?

Imagine if you could shift your perception of death and become death savvy; educate yourself on your options and what it means to create a good death or honour your loved ones in a completely new way, where you feel empowered and safe to grieve as you need to.

This is why I created Rite of Passage Funerals. I didn’t want anyone living a life where they weren’t paying attention or didn’t think it mattered. I want people to accept that death is an inevitable part of life and use that knowledge to live their dreams, reach their full potential and die knowing their legacy lives on and can be celebrated in a funeral that reflects just that.

It was when my mum was admitted to ICU in a critical condition that my perception of death shifted. As she lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness, that I realised I’d denied death’s existence my whole life. My entire family was greatly underprepared for this moment. I felt overcome with fear, sadness, anxiety and shock. How could this happen to us?

The sad reality is that is can and will happen to all of us. It wasn’t mum’s time then – she made a full recovery – but it could have been very different and I learned the lesson I needed to in that moment of despair.

So now, with Rite of Passage Funerals, I’m on a mission to do death differently. To bring it out of the darkness and into the light, provide necessary education around end-of-life options and after death care, to create meaningful ceremonies, make natural and green burial well-known options and compassionately hold the hands of those experiencing the death of a loved one firsthand.

I invite you to come on this journey with me.

Yasemin Trollope