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Our Difference

Our unique funerals are different

Imagine unique funerals that created an opportunity to transform your grief, open your heart to gratitude and bring light into your life when you need it most.

A unique funeral that honoured the art of ceremony and ritual, that reflected the spirit of your loved one and helped heal the soul of those coping with the loss of their passing.

Rite of Passage Funerals is built on a bedrock of love, trust, honour, transparency and unbridled openness. We create unique funerals with meaning, intention and loads of love at venues you might not have even considered before. We offer rituals and ceremonies that are modern, meaningful and completely different in this field, and our mission is to transform the funeral space into the sacred work that it’s historically meant to be.

Here’s what Rite of Passage can offer you:

  • Modern, heart-filled funeral ceremonies that aim to uplift, bring peace and heal
  • Enlightened memorials that honour your loved one in their own unique way
  • Access to Rite of Passage-approved funeral celebrants
  • A modern take on advanced funeral planning; a true gift to your loved ones once you pass
  • Workshops & education around planning for your ‘good death’ and coping with grief
  • Sacred space healing groups to give you tools to transition back into your life after the passing of a loved one


We believe planning a funeral shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. In fact, our outlook is that funeral ceremonies should empower families to reclaim control of the dying process, feel safe to express their grief and be supported every step of the way. And that’s our unique gift to you.

We are here when you need us, so contact us anytime.

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